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The Prince William of Orange is a Christian school.

As a school, we are a miniature society. Everyone is welcome, regardless of his or her social, cultural or ideological background. This is also reflected in our population. We are an open and welcoming. A place where you experience peace and warmth. A place where everyone feels respected and valued.
We achieve this by actively promoting our core values. Employees set a good example in their daily dealings with children, parents and each other. We treat each other with respect and show respect for the world around us. We do this based on the Christian identity and the associated values. We believe it is important that all employees respect the Christian identity. We find each other in common values such as involvement, treating each other with respect, solidarity, hospitality and attention to the other.

Every professional brings his or her own expertise and talents and is focused on cooperation on the basis of equality. The professionals form one team.
We are actively working on a safe school. A place where everyone can and should be. We teach children the basic knowledge, skills and attitudes they need now and in the future to make an active and positive contribution
  deliver to our society. Social-emotional learning has an important place in this. We work unambiguously at school, childcare and after-school care  with rules, values and norms. This strengthens the relationship between school and childcare, in the sense that behavioral expectations are clear and unambiguous.            

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